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Welcome to: Future West Virginia

December 10th, 2006 by localoid

What does the future hold for West Virginia? Join us as we explore the projections of economic analysts, government and community agencies, and private organizations. We’ll also examine the hopes, dreams, concerns, and fears expressed by West Virginia’s community leaders, private citizens, and various advocacy and political groups.

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West Virginia’s 10 Fastest Growing Jobs, 2004-14

December 26th, 2006 by localoid

Work Force West Virginia recently made projections on future job growth by industry and occupation and on the likely composition of the workforce pursuing those jobs available on its website. The 10-year projections-cover the 2004-14 decade-of economic growth, employment by industry and occupation, and labor force.

Let’s explore the occupations expected to experience the highest growth during this period.

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Considering the Possibilities

December 25th, 2006 by localoid

Futurology, the study of the future, is a risky endeavor. Despite the difficulty in forecasting it, humans are drawn to the subject of what can or might be possible in future.

In the Wikibook, The Information Age, the authors observed “we imagine the information age in order that we can affect its becoming.” Based on this concept, can we, as West Virginians, envision the future, and then utilize that vision to begin the process of building a brighter economic future for ourselves and future generations?

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